[Can you eat oatmeal for weight loss]_Oatmeal_Slimming_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat oatmeal for weight loss]_Oatmeal_Slimming_Can you eat it?

Many people will diet severely when losing weight. This is obviously not right. Many things can be eaten when losing weight. Today we recommend that you eat oatmeal. This kind of food can help to supplement enough nutrition.Helps to lose weight.

First, the efficacy and principle of oatmeal weight loss Oatmeal is a high-quality staple food choice during weight loss. It is rich in B vitamins and contains beta glucan, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease; increase dietary fiber, the blood sugar rises very slowlyIt can increase the feeling of fullness and delay the emptying of the stomach, which is beneficial to people who lose weight and people with diabetes.

One of the most amazing substances is beta glucan. Oatmeal is highly viscous, which is brought by the healthy ingredients in beta glucan.

Its effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and high satiety are closely related to this sticky substance.

In general, the thicker the oatmeal of the same amount, the better the health effect.

However, not all oatmeal can lose weight.

Second, oatmeal weight loss recommendations: oatmeal weight loss method one: boiled oatmeal for busy office workers, in the morning without time to prepare breakfast, as long as the simplest poached oatmeal, plus two small spoons of honey,Add a boiled egg and fresh fruit for a nutritious breakfast pairing.

Oatmeal weight loss method 2: Fine oatmeal rice noodles are easy to digest and absorb, and are caused by the loss of vitamin B during processing. Therefore, adding appropriate amount of oatmeal when cooking is very beneficial to health.

Oatmeal Weight Loss Method 3: Preserved Egg, Floss, Oatmeal 1.

In a small saucepan, add a cup (about 200 liters) of boiling water and 40 grams of Quaker Instant Oatmeal, and add prepared pork floss and preserved eggs.


Season with a small amount of salt or chicken essence as you like.


100 ml of frozen fresh milk can be directly poured into the cooked oatmeal, which reduces the temperature of the porridge and makes the taste smoother.

Third, it is good to drink certain oatmeal for weight loss?

1. Oatmeal is the best variety of fruit flavors and sweetness oatmeal is not suitable for weight loss friends.

If the brewed oatmeal has a sweet taste, then it is thought that most of it is 50% sugar added.

In other words, half of the oatmeal you buy is actually sugar!

Even the addition of sugar substitutes is not conducive to health and weight management. The use of sugar substitutes is still very controversial among scientists.

Some people think that although sugar substitutes do not contain free radicals, it can also cause people’s desire for sweets, and even affect blood glucose metabolism.

2. Oatmeal ≠ Oatmeal When choosing oatmeal, you are optimistic about the packaging and food label. There is a clear label on the oatmeal.

Oatmeal on the market is usually a mixture of multiple grains, such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc. Among them, oatmeal only accounts for a small part, and does not even contain oatmeal at all.

Foreign products like to add dried fruits, nut pieces, legumes, etc., domestic products like to add maltodextrin, sugar, creamer (vegetable cream), flavor, etc.